Republic of Kanata (Kanada) 5G, the Crown etc...

An Emergency Action Alert from the Provisional Council of the Republic of Kanata.

March 26, 2020

This public announcement is issued from within the common law jurisdiction of the Republic of Kanata, formerly the Dominion of Canada.

Under the guise of a fraudulent health emergency, a global police state is being imposed on We the People. A

state of war now exists between humanity and a global Corporatocracy. The freedom of assembly, movement

and public dissent have been banned in many countries, arbitrary arrests without cause are mounting, and

martial law is being imposed in America, Canada and most European nations. For “COVID-19” is not a

reference to a flu virus but is the military code word for permanent martial law.

Yesterday, that martial law went into effect in Canada. By an unlawful vote of only 32 of the 338 Members of

Parliament, the puppet Canadian government stood down, and transferred its authority and tax levying power

to an executive body under the authority of the so-called Queen’s Privy Council. Prime Minister Trudeau has

been confined to his home under a cover story of being in self-imposed quarantine. What in fact has been

quarantined is democracy.

One of the first measures of this rump governing body has been the levying of a massive new tax on Canadians

to fund the largest financial handout to big oil companies in our history: a secret $55 billion subsidy to

PetroChina and other Asian corporations operating without restraint on Canada’s west and north coasts. Under

the cover of a health emergency, a tyrannical Corporatocracy has assumed power.

We understand that this takeover is part of a bigger corporate agenda that is now in effect and is being fast

tracked under the “fog of war”. Its aim is to use mandatory micro-chipped vaccinations and 5G

electro-magnetism to directly control the lives and thoughts of the world’s people as a prelude to global


The proof of this genocidal plan has been conclusively demonstrated by scientific and political authorities and is

unfolding right now. Its murderous methods have been tested and perfected upon generations of aboriginal

children in the church-run Indian residential schools and hospitals: our own domestic genocide that Canadians

have ignored at their own peril. For now, the same crime is being inflicted on all of us. The only question now

is how we the free people of Kanata and the world will resist and overcome this tyranny.

Here in Kanata, we have been preparing for this onslaught for over five years. Since January of 2015 our

movement to disestablish a criminally convicted Crown authority in Canada and raise up a free Republic has

equipped people in every province with a new allegiance and citizenship. Those citizens of Kanata have begun

to organize local common law courts and assemblies, have issued stand down orders to crown officials and

organized neighbourhood policing under common law Sheriffs to protect their children and their liberties. As

embryonic as it is, that new society within the shell of the old Canada now constitutes our first line of defense

against the descending police state. Our Republic of Kanata is a refuge for anyone who refuses to go along

with the corporate tyranny and its genocidal agenda.

We state again: A state of undeclared war now exists between the Canadian government and its repressive

forces and the free people of Kanata. And so to defend our lives and our liberties, we declare that we the

people under common law jurisdiction do not recognize the statutes or the authority of the Canadian rump

government, its courts or its police. We have declared our independence from the system. Instead, we stand

under the constituted authority of our Free sovereign Republic and its Proclamation of Independence of January

15, 2015. We will defend our lives, our liberties and our Republic by any means necessary. For us it is now

Liberty or Death.

Accordingly, the Provisional Council of the Republic is today forming self-defense groups to protect our

communities against the attacks of a corporate police state. These Citizen Militias will operate under the

Constitutional authority of the Republic. As part of their mobilization, we are today issuing to the members of

the RCMP and local municipal police a call under international and common law. That call is for them to stand

down from their oath of allegiance to a foreign criminal power called the Crown of England and its puppet

government in Ottawa. We invite them to be deputized as officers of the sovereign Republic of Kanata. The

same call and offer is also issued today to every civil servant, judge and soldier in Canada. Whether here or

abroad, it is time for public officials to serve the people and not foreign and corporate criminal powers.

To our allies in other countries and to all freedom loving people, we call on you to take the same steps towards

sovereign independence and self-defense wherever you are. That independence begins in our own minds when

we resolve to say no to tyranny and suffer anything rather than surrender our natural liberty.

All of you who are listening have an alternative to fear and surrender to tyranny. You can unite under the new

jurisdiction of common law Republics and assert your own in-born sovereignty and independence. You can

and must let go of your learned helplessness and dependence on the authorities that are now seeking your

enslavement and destruction.

Each of you can begin by doing two things: Take the pledge of citizenship in the Republic and join or form a

local Republican neighbourhood defense group. It is time to say an active NO to the apartheid system of so-

called “social distancing” by which the Corporatocracy is psychologically preparing us for internment camps. We

will not walk in fear of one another. We will not fall for their lies.

Our movement will commence the first of our public defiance campaigns between April 15 and 30, and these

will escalate throughout the spring and the summer. Our Republican Militias will defend and stop the arrest of

targeted individuals, including by working with our West Coast Common Law Court of Justice that is

commencing on March 30 in Vancouver. Our people will spread hope and freedom in the minds of friends and

foes alike. The time is now.

Contact us at [email protected] and see and its publications. Most

important, tune in for updates and news from the frontline to the Voice of the Republic on its

program Here We Stand, live every Sunday at 3 pm pacific, 6 pm eastern and 11 pm GMT

at .

The next step is up to each one of you.

Issued by the Provisional Council of the Republic of Kanata
26 March, 2020

[email protected]

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